There is no way around it – living plants need water. Without a proper source of water, your newly installed landscaping will not thrive. In order to properly regulate the flow of water to your grass, shrubs, trees and plants, we recommend the installation of a custom-designed automatic irrigation system.

Here are just a few of the positive things about one of these systems:

  • Your lawn will become healthier and more tolerant of droughts, thanks to deeper root growth.
  • Your investment in your landscaping will be protected.
  • You will use less water, as an automatic irrigation system reduces runoff and other wasteful water practices.
  • You will not have to water your garden, which can be a time consuming chore.
  • Your landscaping will thrive, making your property look nicer and raise its appraised value.
  • All of landscaping professionals are certified, insured and licensed in order to ensure that your job is done properly and efficiently. We have many years of experience in serving and installing irrigation systems. We will help you design the best custom automated system for your needs in order to keep your landscaping beautiful.


We design your landscaping to suit your needs, selecting only the best plants that will thrive in your particular soil and sunlight conditions. Our automated irrigation systems are designed in a similar manner, based on many factors, including your landscaping requirements, your current drainage systems and the particular grading and elevations in your yard. All of this results in a custom system that is designed to perfectly fit your yard.
Over time, your landscaping may change. You may decide to change the plants and shrubs that you have and replace them with different ones. When this happens, your irrigation system must be changed as well in order to suit those new plants. The system can be recalibrated, new sprinkler heads or rotors may be added, and other changes may be necessary. In some cases, you may need a new system altogether. Outdoor Solutions will work with you to determine what the best case scenario may be in order to keep your landscaping looking its best.


Although your automatic irrigation system waters your landscaping for you and requires minimal involvement, some maintenance is still required. We offer a number of different maintenance contracts that cover everything from winterizing your system in the later fall to starting it up in the early spring. Our maintenance professionals also conduct a full inspection of your irrigation system in order to determine where any irregularities or flaw may lie and will correct them to keep your system performing properly.


If your irrigation system fails at any time, troubleshooting must be done in order to correct the problem. However, if the right procedures and methods aren’t followed, the problem may worsen. The issues need to be corrected properly the first time.

This is why Outdoor Solutions’ takes an information approach to your automatic irrigation system’s repairs. Our technicians have years of experience and know just what questions to ask in order to get the root of the problem. They then follow up by coming up with a solution and repairing your system quickly and correctly.



Commercial irrigation systems are larger, and as a result more complex than residential ones. This is why we work with a number of commercial and industrial contractors in order to start designing the irrigation systems before the building is even complete. This ground-up approach allows us to circumvent the standard problems that plague the installation and design of commercial irrigation systems.


There are a number of factors that need to be considered before a large commercial irrigation system is designed and installed. This includes studying the erosion of the soil, conducting a soil test, checking the grading and analyzing the topography. All of this will help our irrigation designers, engineers and technicians in determining the proper amount of water needed and the amount and types of sprinkler heads and rotors that are required in order for the future landscaping to receive the proper amount of coverage.


Of course, commercial irrigation systems also need proper maintenance to keep them in proper working condition. We understand the maintenance requirements of these types of systems and have a number of trained technicians on hand to troubleshoot any problems and perform routine maintenance on all facets of your commercial irrigation system.